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Highland Belles Charter Team 1983-84

“When I began Highland Park High School in the fall of 1981, I noticed right away an intense emotion shared by all the students, a sentiment known as ‘Scot Pride.’  Academically, our school was one of the best in the nation, and our athletics programs were among the best in the state.  Students at Highland Park knew their school was a place of tradition, excellence, and success,” said Tracey Taylor Frattaroli, HPHS class of 1985, of her beloved Alma Matter.  But in 1983, there were many girls like Tracey that yearned to belong to something that was missing in the halls of Highland Park.  These girls would eventually become the charter members of the Highland Belles.

Charter Team Members

Line Members

April Abney​
Tracy Adleta
Tina Bernet
Carolyn Cash
Holly Chamness
Melissa Cheatum

Ann Conner
Susan Floyd
Lisa Franckhauser
Gypsie Fulgham
Meredith Glasscock
Kim Jacobs

Shannon Kelly
Ashley McLain
Laura Norman
Cyndi Parker
D'Ann Pletcher
Renee Randolph

Toni Rothpletz
Carol Rubarts
Susan Shelton
Stephanie Storm
Michelle Streckmann
Tracey Taylor

D'Ann Trammell
Diane Welch
Annie Wetsel
Beth Wilson

Team Leaders

Mary Pat Pettigrew
Robyn Plumlee
Sonya Roark


Elizabeth Harper
Peggy Langworthy
Laura Loy

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