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Service Officers


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Five leaders are selected from the senior class for their abilities to be forward-thinkers, solid communicators, and motivators with an inclusive spirit. Epitomizing the Belles covenant of commitment, integrity and sisterhood, the service officers work together to create a culture of positivity that propels the team forward. 


The President, with the help of the Vice-President, develops the event calendar and facilitates the theme selection, décor, activities, and menus. The Secretary designs invitations, drafts thank-you notes, and creates the end of the year video for the Banquet. The Treasurer balances the checkbook and manages the spending, and the Chaplain monitors team morale and keeps spirits lifted. The officers work collaboratively to ensure every detail is thoughtful and exemplifies the spirit of the team.


Some of the time-honored traditions include, a Secret Santa Party, Easter Breakfast and Golden Egg Hunt, Fam Bam Bash, Belles Night Out, and the Belle Banquet. The service officers also develop weekly SO600s where they lead the team in bonding activities. They manage social media, celebrate each Belle’s birthday, design the Belle apparel for the year and decorate the 4th of July parade float. Every game week, the service officers create custom paper bells for dancers to wear at school and tiny printed verses that tuck inside their socks just prior to performances for good luck. And after addressing the needs of their team, the Service Officers turn their focus outward by implementing service projects that benefit others in need.   

Service Officers are the glue that binds the organization together; the keepers of the traditions that make Highland Belles about much more than dance.

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