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Highland Belles

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The Scots!


These 28 seniors will lead the 2023-24 team with over 25 halftime performances, top placement in national competition and hundreds of practice hours together. Not only are they exceptional dancers but they bring spirit, encouragement and fun — they are simply the best!


Donned in white Fringe with a silver baton at their sides, the Highland Belle Lieutenants lead the team onto the field for halftime.  Their leadership doesn’t stop there, though.  These five young women work in tandem with the directors to mold every aspect of a Highland Belle performance.  
The Lieutenants for 2023-24 are Alexandra Wright, Ellie Donahoe, Sophie Bishop, Addison Renfrow and Mary Mathison.


Service Officers

Five leaders are selected from the senior class for their abilities to be forward-thinkers, solid communicators, and motivators with an inclusive spirit. Epitomizing the Belles covenant of commitment, integrity and sisterhood, the service officers work together to create a culture of positivity that propels the team forward.
The Service Officers for 2023-24 are Ella Grace Munn (President), Jenna Bowen (Vice President), Caroline Ballard (Secretary), Katie Garberding (Treasurer), Blair Johnson (Chaplain).

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